Payment Plans

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You Can Now Pay for Your Travels in Installments!

Step 1

Download the ValU app from the app store and sign up

Step 2

Verify your information via SMS and enter the code to complete the application

Step 3

Activate your account at any of ValU’s Activation Booths. You must have with you your National ID, and Driver License or Utility Bill. The staff there will ask you to sign a Service Activation Form.

What is ValU?

ValU is Egypt’s fastest, most flexible and innovative installment payment solution. It’s a Mobile App through which you can view multiple offers and do your shopping online.


How it Works

After activating your account through ValU’s activation booths, you can begin purchasing any product or service available on the application. Your payments will be done in installments according to your preference, following a 3 months to 24 months of payment plans!

Make sure to look up Global Orient Tours on your ValU App to check out our seasonal deals, promos and offers!

Our Payment Plans


Cash at the Office

Visit us at our office at this location to pay for your trip in cash or by credit card, while getting a chance to meet our in-house tour operators for any inquiries.

Bank Transfer

Transfer your amount to our Bank Account for a seamless payment method. Contact us for more information on our bank details.

Vodafone Cash

Are you a Vodafone user? If so, then you don’t even have to move from your spot. Just transfer the correct amount via Vodafone Cash. Contact us for more information.

Pay in Installments

You can now pay for your travels in installments. Just follow the instructions above and book your trip with us now!

Are you ready to travel?

Escape to anywhere in the world for a couple of days or weeks to experience the true bliss of travel, from the East to the West. We’ve got your whole travel package covered.

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