Orthopedics & Rehabilitation

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    Internal Services


    Knee Services

    1- Knee arthroscopy: a minimally invasive procedure that allows treatment of meniscal tears and cartilage injuries.

    2- Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: One of the commonest knee injuries. Arthroscopic reconstruction allows early rehabilitation and return to sports.

    3- Knee deformity correction: Either varus or valgus deformities are treated with the most up to date techniques with limited immobilization.

    Shoulder Services

    1- Shoulder dislocation: Arthroscopic stabilization prevents recurrence and allows faster recovery.

    2- Rotator cuff repair: Arthroscopic repair using anchors with a comprehensive rehabilitation regimen to relieve pain and resume normal daily activities.

    Ankle Services

    1- Ankle scope: diagnosing and treating cartilage and ligament injuries of the ankle.

    2- Ankle instability: reconstruction of torn ankle ligaments.

    Spine Clinic

    1- Lumbar disc prolapse: range of treatments extending from selective injection for pain relief to microscopic discectomy.

    2- Cervical disc prolapse: treatment of cervical and upper limb pain through discectomy via an anterior or posterior approach.

    3- Scoliosis: diagnosis and follow-up of spine deformities and surgical intervention to correct malalignment.

    Arthroplasty Clinic

    Root Canal Treatment

    1- Intra-articular joint injections: either hyaluronic injections or platelet-rich plasma to relieve pain.

    2- Prosthetic joint replacement

    i- Total hip replacement: offering multiple options according to the patient’s criteria including cemented and cementless systems with different bearing surfaces.
    ii- Total knee replacement: a proved solution for pain relief and function restoration in cases with moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis.

    Trauma & Fractures Clinic

    Specialized in diagnosing and treating all sorts of bony fractures with the latest techniques and fixation devices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Around 80% of the patients will have a functioning artificial joint 20 years after the replacement surgery.

    Yes, repair of an isolated ACL tear is not urgent. However, it results in an unstable knee joint and competitive sports should be avoided.

    A replacement surgery is considered when the joint loses its function. Condition which may lead to this include; Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic joint injuries.

    If there is limb weakness, urine or stool incontinence or unbearable pain despite treatment.

    Yes, physical therapy exercises will improve functionality and help speed up recovery.

    Straight line activities such as cycling and swimming can be resumed 6 weeks after surgery. Competitive sports are better avoided a minimum of a year.

    No, about 80% of patients will not need surgery and will improve on non surgical treatment.

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