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    Micro-Surgical Ligation

    Micro-Surgical Ligation

    Varicocele is one of the most important causes of deterioration in semen analysis and infertility. Therefore, micro-surgical ligation is the best option in such cases.

    Penile Curvature Surgery

    Penile Curvature Surgery

    Penile curvature (deviation) is one of the most common sexual complains facing young males. It may cause interference with intercourse in severe cases. It is corrected by plastic (Cosmetic) surgery to make it straight.

    Penile Prosthesis

    Penile Prosthesis

    It is the final treatment for erectile dysfunction after failed medical treatment. The surgery done using the most recent and advanced FDA approved devices.

    Microscopic Testicular Biopsy

    Microscopic Testicular Biopsy

    Micro TESE is the best solution to retrieve sperm in cases of non-obstructive azoospermia with chances to find sperm up to 50%.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, they may affect fertility. However, not all varicoceles affect sperm production.

    As with any surgical procedure, the patient may suffer from some pain for few days after the operation, which is easily overcome by simple analgesics.

    Penile curvature is assessed by the physician with the penis in an erect state. Doppler US may be required to assess vascular parameters.

    If the curvature interferes with the sexual function, the best treatment is surgical correction.

    The choice depends on what is appropriate for each person according to the medical condition and then his personal preference. The decision is shared by the patient and the doctor. At all levels, both implants are good and achieve comparable levels of satisfaction.

    No, penile tissue is preserved to the largest percentage in order to maintain sensitivity and temperature of the penis.

    Infection is one of the most serious complications. Other complications include scar tissue formation, erosion of implant through skin and mechanical failure.

    There are some situations where dental implants are completely contraindicated such as: the presence of serious diseases that prevent bone and gum healing, such as advanced cases of immunodeficiency, bone, blood or even mental disorders.

    Relative contraindications include smoking and poor oral hygiene.

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