As the world begins to open up again, more people will be out on the streets. Many of us have been locked up for so long, that we forgot what the outside world will look like. There will be plenty of changes – from the masks you’ll see everywhere, to the social distance regulations set in place.

But while we were cooped up at home, artists were waltzing the streets and bringing their expression to the walls. When you go back out to the streets, pay attention to is the burst of colors that have taken over some major and minor streets.

We have assembled a collection of our favorite COVID-19 street art. Which one is your favorite?


Steve Jobs wearing a face mask

Nobosibirsk, Russia (May 20)

Image by Krill Kuikhmar


Coronavirus-inspired graffiti by The Rebel Bear

Glasgow, Scotland (April 4)

Image by Andy Buchanan


Xi Jinping and Donald Trump in face masks

A rendition of the famous Berlin Wall Painting of Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev kissing

Berlin, Germany (April 27)

Image by Adam Berry


Atchoum! – meaning sneeze.

Paris, France (April 20)

Image by Chestnot


“Super nurse” by Amsterdam-based street artist FAKE

Amsterdam (May 12)


Pulp Fiction, but wearing face masks

Madrid, Spain (May 3)

Image by Gabriel Bouys


Trump is the virus by Welinoo

Copenhagen, Denmark


Tissue roll dealer by Teachr1

Los Angeles, USA

The Simpsons tell you to STAY HOME! By Nello Petrucci

Pompei, Italy